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Firm Profile  

Amira clothing "Amira Store" was founded in 2005 to fulfill the Islamic clothing needs of conscious women who desire to dress stylishly yet modestly. We decided to launch the idea of opening Amira Store after hearing lots of frustration from Muslim sisters -they were frustrated with the lack of chic Muslim Clothing for women in mainstream stores and tired of having to scour the malls to find a coordinated hijab.


Surveying the marketplace was our first step, and we were astonished to discover how difficult it was to find Islamic Clothing for women, in a reasonable price range. We were very happy to be the pioneers and the First Islamic Store for Women Clothes in New England. To ensure the good quality for reasonable prices we went direct to the manufacturers and distributors and search out what can fit to our sisters' demands without burden them with extra cost.


Since our opening on October 8, 2005, gratefully "Alhamdo Lelah" we are surrounded with innumerous support and encouragement from the Islamic community, foundations, lovely people who are interested in our culture, friends, families, brothers and sisters. Thanks to God and to the Islamic Society and friends, the outcome is incredible. They see their store as an outreach effort, popularizing modest fashion among women of all backgrounds. We have met in our store, women and families from different faiths and backgrounds and they were so happy to find finally something decent and priced in reach for most if not all.


We are expanding our selection of Abaya, Abaya-set, Hijabs, Jilbabs, Serwal Kamis & all of Hijab accessories to include men and kids clothing. Also, we have a great selection of Islamic / Middle Eastern gifts. In addition we carefully select wall paintings, wall hangs, car hangs and many other stuff that let our customers feel home away from home. Our Dead Sea products and Zamzam (ZumZum) water were among the last list of goods that our customers were delighted to see.  Finally, for those who wanted to have fun, we got the bellydancing belts, hip scarves, dresses and professional look outfits in great colors and designs. 


                                                                                  Look forward to seeing you.


                                                                                 Arwa Alkhateeb  MBA, PhD / Founder & Owner